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Generously providing the facilities for the event this year (as it has since the beginning), the Film & Television Institute is the premier professional development centre for independent screen production and events in Western Australia. A member of Screen Development Australia, FTI provides an alternative pathway to the film and television industry through education, exhibition, equipment and production resources.
Purveyors of Designer Produce and Art Materials, the Butcher Shop is located in Northbridge (276 William Street), Fremantle (14b Point Street) and online at
Empire Toys has been Perth’s premier toy and collectable store for over 12 years. Located at Level 1 856 Hay Street, Perth – the store is a shrine to comics, art books, niche books (tattoos, burlesque, Suicide Girls as well as the toys and statues encompassing Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, Warcraft, Living Dead Dolls, Bioshock, Doctor Who and so much more. So come on in and see the best of what Perth has to offer!
Perth’s oldest comic shop located at 972 Hay Street, Quality Comics has a wealth of history and knowledge built up over it’s 18 year history. We focus on provide fantastic Graphic Novels and Hardcover collections for your perusal. With a variety of sources, Quality Comics can get in those hard to get books you’ve been searching for. We have a range of T-Shirts and collectibles as well as many other great items.
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