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14 hours in


We’re past the halfway mark and people are feeling the tiredness starting to creep in. We actually started 10 minutes late on account of the fact that my watch was running slow,but everyone seems to be working through it all smoothly.


Theme is on


So enrolments are open and there are some spaces left. If you are wanting to take part or find out more, then please send me an email to

There is a bit of a difference for the event this year to make it stand out just a touch. Please check out New for 2011 page.

Just got the go ahead


The Film & Television Institute in Fremantle has again graciously offered to host the event this year.

If you’re interested in signing up or want some more information, please feel free to send me an email at

If you could include a link to any work samples you may have online, and perhaps tell me a bit about yourself, that would be great.

I’ll have more information up here after the weekend. Stay tuned.

The books, they are a-here.


Just in time for the New Year. And not to be too pretentious, but they look fantastic. If you live in Perth, you can swing by Quality Comics on Hay St as they are selling them for $25 (more stores will possibly be carrying them if I can get around to talking to them. Which, when you consider that it’s a 448 page book really is a nice price. If you live outside Perth and are interested in picking one up than feel free to contact me.

Below are some (really crappy quality) pictures of the book. As well as a sampler PDF of the first ten pages of each comic along sample pages of other artwork from the participants. Enjoy.

24Hour Comics Day 2010 Perth-Comic Book Sampler

Picture of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth done in Perth 2010

Picture of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth done in Perth 2010

Picture of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth done in Perth 2010

Picture of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth done in Perth 2010

Picture of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth done in Perth 2010

The books they are a coming


Currently at the printer is a book. A special book. It measures in at a whopping 448pgs. It contains 16 complete comics and numerous pages of fantastic filler art. All of the artwork in this book is from the participants of the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth event. It will be on the shelves of Quality comics (And possibly more stores) within 2 weeks.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on the printers’ proof:


The votes are in


Well the participants have voted and the winners have been decided. There were a lot of fantastic works completed during the event so everyone should be proud of what the achieved. The voted for winners are:

Everyone is currently busy putting the work together for the big book we’ll be printing next month. Check back soon for more details on that.

The dust has settled


The challenge has been done, and due to web issues I was unable to get the images uploaded during the day. So they are posted below in one large bunch.

Revel in the images of people meeting their wits end, stuffing themselves with pizza (from Quality Comics) and Red Bull (Gametraders Carillon), trying to ignore the allure of the comfy couches and realising that being in a large building near to the ocean can have the early hours of the morning be quite cool.