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Welcome to the website for the 24 Hour Comics Day Perth challange!

This event is being graciously hosted by the Film & television Institute (who also hosted it from 2006-8 and 2010).

What is the challenge?

• The goal is to create a finished 24-page comic in just 24 consecutive hours. The entire process, from concept to completed artwork should be undertaken within this timeframe. The challenger can take as many breaks as they wish, stop for a sleep, go for a walk around the block, but the clock will not stop even if they do.

• Officially, the rules state that participants are not allowed to preplan their comics. No writing, designing or plotting is to take place before the event (though they may have ideas in their head prior to the event, the spirit of the challenge is that these are not to be written down on paper beforehand).

• Challengers may use any medium they wish – pens, pencils, ink, black and white, colour, computer artwork or photo collage. They are also free to work at any size that they wish (though participants should take note that A4, or smaller, pages are easier to fill).

Throughout the day of the event, photos will be posted throughout the day of the event taking place, so feel free to have a look. The challenge will be starting at 10:30am on October 20th so expect the first updates to be starting a couple of hours after that.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 2010/09/03 14:33

    How exciting, gonna go warm my pens up for this

  2. Lucas permalink
    2010/09/20 00:54

    This looks like it could be interesting, definitely going to take a shot at it.

  3. 2012/10/08 18:05

    Looks like an awesome and epic challenge for the creative minds of Perth 🙂


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