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The dust has settled


The challenge has been done, and due to web issues I was unable to get the images uploaded during the day. So they are posted below in one large bunch.

Revel in the images of people meeting their wits end, stuffing themselves with pizza (from Quality Comics) and Red Bull (Gametraders Carillon), trying to ignore the allure of the comfy couches and realising that being in a large building near to the ocean can have the early hours of the morning be quite cool.

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  1. Thomas Carter permalink
    2010/10/04 01:48

    Good times!

    Thanks for everything Christopher, it was a really great day…Night…24 hour period.

  2. 2010/10/04 23:30

    This event totally rocked!! By the morning I was a bit grumpy I think – eep!

    Good times, good times 🙂

  3. Troy Kealley permalink
    2010/10/08 11:53

    Sooo wish I was there – look forward to seeing your comics though guys!

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