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We have winners!


With a huge thanks to both the Butcher Shop and Quality Comics, the winners for the gift cards have been decided and they are:

Grand winner: Timothy Merks

Runner ups: Stephanie Palladino, Thomas Carter, Beck Kingsbridge, Liam Lucas and GIRL

Now on to next year!


The dust has settled


I hope everyone interested were following us on twitter at 24HCDPerth.

We had 23 participants of which, 21 managed to finish. Below re pictures from the event (including three from before the event, and the last one showing some of the goodies supplied by Empire Toys and the Butcher Shop):


24 Hours till the 24 Hour Challenge


I hope everyone’s getting themselves prepared. There’ll be prizes and gift vouchers from the Butcher Shop, Empire Toys and Quality Comics to be won.

See everyone tomorrow!

We got social!


24HCD Perth is on twitter! You can now follow #24HCDPerth on the day of the event for pictures and notes.

Also, the places are disappearing fast, if you want in, please contact me sooner rather than later!

Presenting 24 Hour Comics Day 2012 Perth – The Musical


Greetings all!

We’re back again this year to take up the challenge of completing a 24 page comic in 24 hours. If you don’t now what the event is about, you can fine out more on the about page. You can find out the theme for this year here. And if still want to know more, or are interested in signing up, you can contact me on ‘cmarkle@’ (just remove the space in the email address). If you are interested in signing up, please let me know a bit about yourself and, if possible, a link to any work you may have online so I can see a sample of it (or just attach some work if need be).

Redesign and more info coming soon!


Yes the event is on this year, and yes I’ll be organising it again (just running a bit late at the moment).

The event will be hosted by the FTI again, and will be taking place on October 20th.

The books for 2011 have arrived (just before we hit 2012)!


Whoops, I never did post my follow up articles about the event, but that doesn’t matter now as the books are in! If you want to snag yourself a copy and see what local artists are up to, then head by Quality COmics in the city and pick yourself up a copy. Don’t live in Perth and want one mailed to you? Shoot me an email at

I’ll have some pictures of the book as soon as pick myself up a copy (which will be the week after Xmas).